There will be Three (3) volumes in this Trilogy of Alteration..
    Early in 2022, I started composing Volume Two and, now, Volume Three is pencilled in!

The Death of Love
    Where we meet, for the first time, the protagonist.. the unnamed Narrator and experience some of his excapades through various communities and journeys.

Wasted America
    Is further examination in to the habits, eventualities, and differences of objective that the Narrator (still unnamed) experiences in life. Some events that took place during summers at camp.. some in cities.. windsurfing on some stormy waters. While compositions have stalled recently, I am picking up the poisoned pen where I left off and, as much of the compositions are pencilled in.. I am certain that this volume will be completed by Summer of 2023.. with printing taking place later on in the year and release in time for Valentines Day 2024.. and my departure as an Ocean Cyclist.

Rotting Grape .. Turning Worm
    Explores tropes, concepts, and visual identity in a world rife with change, supplantism, and cancellation. Much as "Lila" was a departure for Pirsig so, too, will this be a great departure. Or not. Nothing has been penned except the title. I anticipate working on this novel as I pedal around the world's oceans.

Additional Volumes
    I am, concurrent to "Wasted America," working on a novel that is titled "The Zeuphor" that was composed in 1991 and 1992. It has sat, these many years, encased in ring bound form written in longhand.. I have recently scanned each page and will be transcribing said pages for recomposition. The novel long title is "The Zeuphor, as dictated to M. Scott Ault by Zeupheldt- Moses" it promises to be.. different.. revelational.. and entertaining.