Be a Model for Me!

    After about Ten Years working my handcrafting company "The General Bean" I can safely say that I am intimately aware of Promotions and Outreach. As such I am looking for interested individuals to participate in the productive and promotional stages for the next volume in this Trilogy.

    Wasted America is Volume Two and composition has started already. I do see *Travel* in my future and so I am not worried about where you are located.. I'll be moving about promoting this project and my ecopunk project.. so, fill out the form even if you think you are too far out of reach to work with.

    Fill out the form.. Hit Submit and we'll start networking and talking and growing our concepts for working together.

    Select Individuals may be asked to participate on *other* projects and collaborative works. These may include modelling for my ecopunk project "Ocean Cyclist" or collaborating on Coffee Table/ Hard Cover nude books together. Some concepts, such as the book, includes Profit Share POtentials..