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    "Feb. 14th, the day that love died.." and so it shall be, likewise, the official Street Date of the novel. And.. to keep things simple.. it will also be the date of the Release Party- a party like no other celebrating this distopic, genre- bending, and somewhat melancholic novel!

    Venue:              coming soon!
    Date:                 February 14th, 2019
    Location:          Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    What'll Take Place:
    This event will be over the top! I am going to be connecting with an awesome venue in Calgary! And with years of experience handling and dealing and photographing and participating in different events, I am positive that The Release Party will be.. a Release for sure! Want to know more? Sign up for the newsletter.. or put your two cents in using the form below..

    • Musical performances from recognized & up- and- coming artists
    • Art Performances ~ fetish, creative.. entertaining
    • Live web connections and two- way interactions
    • Invite Only Strip Poker Game

    February 14th falls on a Thursday so.. I'm going to hold an awesome contest to get people HERE from where you sit.