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    "Feb. 14th, the day that love died.." and so it shall be, likewise, the official Street Date of the novel. And.. to keep things simple.. it will also be the date of the Release Party- a party like no other celebrating this distopic, genre- bending, and somewhat melancholic novel!

    Venue:              coming soon!
    Date:                 February 14th, 2019
    Location:          Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    What'll Take Place:
    This is going to be an event.. not your average release party! I'm currently networking with general fashion, fetish, and specialty designers luring them in to a webcast runway show.. but more, there will be Music, Art, Drinks.. Dancing... as Monty Python said- 8 gorgeous dancing girls, 7 beautiful bikinis (I paraphrase, of course).. there will be on- site photography.. web and in person attendance WITH interactivity between the two... and MORE!!!