The Death of Love

Audio Book

With the publication of The Novel, the next phase of this project will be.. The Audio Book.

It will be a distinctly unique and alternative piece with an unique voice as the narrator/ reader augmented with creative, unusual but wholly original music created and recorded by me using my Mandolin, an ecclectic collection of guitar effects pedals and keyboards, sound generators, and vocal processors all combined to produce an entirely unique and stand- alone product that would be more musical creation than simple "audio book."

And, for the narrational voice, with it's own interesting and anecdotal event(s), I have decided that the charismatic, unique, and expressive individual "Mr. Chi Pig" should be the narrator of the volume. As he lives in Vancouver, BC, I will be bringing together unique, creative, and alternative recording equipment so that I can go down and visit/ record over the course of several sessions.