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The novel follows a travel weary and beleaguered narrator as he makes a hasty, and broken, return trip HOME after nearly 12 months on the road... 12 months spent sleeping under bridges, hitch hiking in the rain, cycling across plains and desserts, and running from ghosts of an indifferent world. Alone and travel worn he returns to his beloved mountain town for rest and respite. The warm, loving embrace of The One whom he thought was so eagerly awaiting his eventual and most nontriumphant return, however.. was not.

The Novel is described as a "dark, experimental examination in to many of the various aspects of love, both positive and negative, carried out through literary vignettes, both real and imagined." And the Literary Style is decribed as being an amalgamation of Dada- Ist stream of consciousness melded with the rhythmics of the Beat Generation wrapped in the Authors own, unique, adjective- rich mannerisms producing a fluid and engrossing read that is hard to put down.

This is a "Graphically Enhanced Literary Novel" that exhibits both design and documentation by the author/ artist himself. He is the Photographer, Designer, Layout person and.. editor (with a few willing and volunteer sets of friendly eyes). All imagery is either photographed or manipulated by M. Scott Ault for emphasis and/ or enhancement of the overall document.