The Death of Love

The Death of Love

The novel follows a travel weary and beleaguered narrator as he makes a hasty, and broken, return trip HOME after nearly 12 months on the road. After 12 months spent sleeping under bridges, hitch hiking in the rain, cycling across plains and desserts, and running from ghosts of an indifferent world. Alone and travel worn he returns to his beloved mountain town for rest and respite. The warm, loving embrace of The One whom he thought was so eagerly awaiting his eventual and most nontriumphant re- arrival, however.. was not.

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This book is a masterpiece. It became my new "favorite book" the minute I finished reading it, dethroning Jack Kerouac's "On The Road" which had perviously held the title for the past 16 years. I encourage anybody and everybody who reads books and thinks to enjoy The Death Of Love, and am thankful I had the opportunity. Well done Mr. Ault, and best wishes adapting it to the silver screen. Magic.

– ChiliSanchez

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